Acquisition Channel Opportunities #001

Should I continue writing this?

Hey guys, there are a few acquisition channels most of you are targeting (Facebook, SEO, Twitter, content marketing, I actually did a report on this).

If you're familiar with the law of shitty clickthroughts, you'll know that over time, the effectiveness of those channels/strategies goes down (as they become more saturated). As a founder, some of those strategies can be out of reach when you start (too expensive, too much competition, etc.), because you're too late to the game.

The solution? Be early to the game. How?

Platforms like Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Google release new business features all the time. When they do that, they are actively looking to promote them by integrating them into their existing products/giving preference to creators who use them, etc.

That's great news for you. This is the first (and hopefully not the last, please let me know if you think I should continue doing this) issue of a weekly newsletter where I plan to explore some of these news/opportunities and how you can make use of these new acquisition (sub)channels/strategies. So here are the latest acquisition channel opportunities that happened over the past week:

YouTube Launches Audio Ads (Opportunity: Get Lower CPCs)

What this means for you: Every time a major platform launches a new type of ads, there's an opportunity to get exposure for much cheaper as compared to their "traditional" ad formats (for YouTube, it's in-video streams). This is one such opportunity.

Do you have a domain name that's easy to pronounce? You can try and create an audio ad & see how many people you drive to it.

Twitter Launches Their Version of "Instagram Stories" (Opportunity: Get Better Exposure to Followers)

It's called "Fleets" and I'm already seeing it on my Twitter mobile app

What this means for you: People notice new things. Millions of users are going to notice their Twitter feed looks different & will pay more attention to it. This is an opportunity for you to reach more of your Twitter followers. Also, the media is going to keep covering this. If you can think of a viral format of a Twitter story / get people to share it / get media to cover it, that's extra free exposure.

Instagram May Turn into a Mini Search Engine (Opportunity: Use this early to appear first)

Instagram recently made "guides" available for everyone. "Guides" are basically articles inside Instagram. There are speculations that they'll soon change their search bar, so you can actually find those guides...turning Instagram into a mini search engine.

What this means for you: If you thought that you can't post informational content on Instagram, you were right...until now. You can try this "guides" feature by creating a sample guide and share it on your story (yes you can do that). If things go the way they do, Instagram will also soon enable people to advertise their "guides", which will be pretty interesting.

Content Marketing: Get Viral by Making Fun of Twitter's "Disputed" Footers (Opportunity: Interesting angle to create engaging Tweets)

Some brands are already starting to do this. No need for "what it means for you" for this one :D

Monetization Opportunity: Make $ on Facebook When People Share Your Videos

Facebook Rights Manager is a tool where, if someone posts your images/videos, you'll get notified of it & you can decide what to do (block it, add an attribution to the picture/video and so on).

Facebook has recently announced they'll offer creators an ability to also "collect ad earnings" from things like in-stream ads if someone posts a video that was originally yours.

What this means for you: If you have a Facebook page with 10k+ followers & have generated at least 30k 1-minute video views in the past 60 days, you may want to enroll into this program. Having the power to see who re-posts your stuff can open a lot of opportunities (you can potentially get in touch for partnerships/ask for a small mention in exchange, and so on).

Acq. Channel Opportunities #002?

If you found this useful and want to see something like this next week, please let me know. This is an MVP/first version of this weekly newsletter, so if it gets traction, I'll go and do something like this next Monday.